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our story

Our background

The history of “Bottega Vezzani” began with Paolo Vezzani who, endowed with an innate entrepreneurial spirit and talent for business, decided to open a poultry shed in 1966 in Piazza delle Cure in Florence.

Subsequently the poultry shed moved into the Florentine market of Sant’Ambrogio, where the increasingly demanding customers were looking for ready-to-cook products of all types and with the possibility of choosing between the delicacies of white or red meat.

Following customer requests and strictly respecting the traditional values of meat processing with care and tradition, Paolo passed on to his sons Alessandro and Massimo, those values which have allowed the development of the family business over time.  

Food habits in the last few years have changed considerably, requiring ready-to-cook foods.  Our “ready to cook” lines are the result of years of experience in the meat sector. Our recipes, typically based on Italian tradition, offer dishes prepared with fresh and seasonal products, thanks to the creativity of our master butchers who offer exquisite recipes based on beef, rabbit, pork and poultry, ready to be cooked and served.

All the products are balanced and carefully considered like a work of art, every single ingredient expresses the highest quality and genuineness present on the market to form a product that will melt in your mouth, with an explosion of taste while guaranteeing easy and natural digestion.

Product innovation stems from a passion for quality, competence and experience, which are the basis of the company policy. Bottega Vezzani has always believed in artisanal production, in quality and in the traceability system, aiming to guarantee to its customers genuine and safe products.